The science of
optimal indoor

Over the past decade, we have dedicated extensive time and resources to research and development, meticulously designing the Airlich technology to optimize indoor air recycling.

Today, we have a solid solution in the market, where optimal recycled clean air is achieved in a multi-step air-cleaning system consisting of a UV irradiation unit for gas-phase chemistry initiation, an electrostatic precipitation unit for particle removal, and a gas enhanced catalysis unit for gas-phase reaction termination and final purification. By utilizing open path systems instead of conventional consumable filtration media, the Airlich system minimizes pressure drops and significantly reduces the need for consumable parts when compared to traditional HVAC systems.

Accelerating cleaning power in 3 unique steps

The cleaning processes used by the Airlich system mirrors the self-cleaning mechanisms found in the atmosphere. However, with our proprietary technology, we are able to accelerate the cleaning power by 6-7 orders of magnitude.

The process is divided into three key steps, wherein air containing gas-phase and particulate pollutants are subjected to a sequence of advanced cleaning techniques.

The process

Step 1

First, the exhausted air is exposed to vacuum ultraviolet radiation that sets off a radical chain reaction that breaks down, converts, and removes the pollutants from the gas-phase. The majority of the removed gas-phase pollutants are converted to low vapor pressure compounds that will either form particles by themselves or condense on pre-existing particles.

Step 2

Secondly, the air stream is directed through an electric field where particles are charged and subsequently collected as dust on a collection surface without experiencing the significant pressure drops typically associated with traditional filtration systems.

Step 3

Finally, the air undergoes a gas-phase catalytic process that facilitates cold combustion of any remaining high-volatility gas-phase pollutants. This process is aided by energy added to the system through the ultraviolet radiation. The purified air is directed back into the ventilation ducting.

Continuous testing
and reporting

Data is crucial for gaining insight into the benefits of our technology, and the quality of air people in a building are breathing. We continuously collect and analyze data on everything from temperatures and energy consumption, to parts per billion air contamination levels. This enables us to confidently quantify the positive impact of the Airlich technology and what difference our products will make to our costumers.

Why you should choose Airlich

We are only just getting started and we have huge ambitions for Airlich. We are not there yet – but this is what we aim to be able to claim and document together with our preferred partners and brands.

Reduce energy costs

Airlich reduces operational costs associated with HVAC by up to 45%

Reduce CO₂ emissions

Airlich reduces CO₂ emissions from buildings by recirculating air and providing direct cleaning

Short payback period

Payback period ranges between 2-4 years, depending on local energy prices

Remove pollutants

Airlich removes up to 90% of gas and particle pollutants in a single pass, with a pressure drop < 100 Pa

Revolutionize your HVAC system

Airlich is easily retrofitted to both new and existing HVAC systems, significantly improving indoor air quality

And why many more
will benefit

Feel better

Clean air leads to improved well-being and higher work satisfaction

Work better

Clean air results in improved cognitive performance and increased productivity

Stay healthy

Clean air free of viruses and bacteria means fewer sick days

Create a better future

Airlich significantly reduces a building's CO₂ footprint by reducing energy consumption for ventilation and air-conditioning solutions

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