Reducing energy costs while taking your indoor air quality above the clouds

Based on unique science and technology, Airlich delivers sustainable and environmentally-friendly solutions that improve indoor air quality, reduce energy costs, and lower a building's overall carbon footprint. All while providing the health and productivity benefits of clean air – with a clean conscience.

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Airlich is a Danish company that offers a unique air cleaning system that purifies indoor air and recirculates it without using additional energy for heating or cooling. This allows us to help companies make better indoor climate while lowering the carbon footprint of buildings and saving precious energy. We are proud to make real impact with a fantastic team and technologically advanced products. Our goal is to easily fit our products into existing systems for highly improved performance and results without the hassle and uncertainty of HVAC systems.

Unique natural air cleaning technology

Our proprietary Airlich air-cleaning technology efficiently purifies and recycles indoor air mirroring the same processess found in the atmosphere. Inspired by nature, Airlich’s technology breaks down and removes both gas-phase pollutants and particulate matter through chains of radical reactions in situ. The technology combines UV radiation, electrostatic forces, and ozone assisted catalysis to effectively remove indoor air pollutants. The system utilizes integrated sensor systems and AI to adjust its cleaning power in real-time based on desired set-points and measured indoor air quality. This allows for constant optimization of both building energy consumption and indoor air quality.

The greenest energy is the energy we don’t have to produce

Stories and cases

Airlich is on a journey to change the way we think about sustainable, clean indoor air. And how science can be used to save energy while lowering the CO₂ impact of a building. You can follow us here and on LinkedIn to get updates on our recent work and stories.

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Although our thinking and technology may be groundbreaking and above the clouds, we remain grounded and accessible.

As a team of air quality experts including scientists, engineers, and entrepreneurs, we are dedicated to promoting transparency and providing scientific proof of sustainable clean air indoors. We take pride in leveraging our unique and visionary knowledge to develop a simple, retrofit solution with the potential to make a significant impact on people and the planet. Please reach out to get to know us and our solutions.